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The Jungle Book Vase

The Jungle Book Vase 


After working on floral Moorcroft designs for a couple of years, I asked if I could create a major limited piece. Luckily I was given the go-ahead and started to design my Black Panther vase.

Black panthers have always interested me as a boy and I used to watch them avidly at Bristol Zoo.  So with this inspiration, I thought I would try to develop an Asian jungle scene reminiscant of the Jungle Book stories. I wanted the panthers to be searching for prey at dusk, deep in the jungle.

This piece was designed in 2005 and only 3 vases were produced, this being my last design for Moorcroft Pottery. A lady contacted me in 2006 asking me to sign one of the vases. She had bought it for £4,600, bet it’s worth a lot more now!!