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 Limited to 65 worldwide.

Height 10 inches/ 25 cms

Comes in a unique Andrew Hull Pottery box with limited edition Certificate of Authenticity.

Available at £395.00 + P&P

Wallace has always been a very good fisherman. He can spot a fish at a distance. He descends from a long line of very adapt fishermen, it runs in the family. He stands eagle-eyed with his stunning green beak shimmering in the water below, ready to swoop on the next unfortunate fish to pass by. His powerful beak can make light work of the most toughest of fish and large claws can transport a meal with ease.

If you are ever lucky enough to see Wallace at the side of a fast running stream, just stop and admire a master craftsman applying his trade. As a true fisherman he can wait for ages between meals. Only at the end of the day, with his belly full, does he retire to his nest.